might as well upload this here?

i like how it came out overall, though anatomy is still something i have to fix

they are from a rp i’m on, the middle one is my oc. and yes, the one on the left is a guy

I envy those people that can make a good background on 20min
this took me several hours ;_;

An OC for a rp group I’m in~ Her name is Numie Blumstein
I experimented painting in one layer, and it was fun but tiring, I like the result tho

My part for the gigapause project at Homestuck Ar~
click the image for a bigger picture

My fankid new godtier~
(she had a no canon title before, but i decided to change it)

The great Hime-nam helped me with the hands~

first try at value painting and then coloring

also sucy <3

I just made this for a friend, still have to wait for it to dry so I can paint it. It came out better than I expected~
I hope I don’t mess it up while paiting x -x

This series gives me lots of feels, so I made a little something

here’s what it looks like without all the shitty effects

Jumping into the bandwagon.
I forgot I can’t draw dog-like pokemon ;_;
I’m hoping it’s a flying type ~

Stock: http://randomaxes.deviantart.com/art/cloud-stock-103234619
Practice ~ my hand hurts now ; v;
at least i got off the feeling of wanting to paint something

Another land~

For the secret santa we did at hsar, click for full size ~

Click for Hi-Res

=A= this killed me. the hair i couldn’t paint specially

another land for the rp ~

Another land  for the RP ~